How Do I Tell What Version Of Office Powerpoint My Computer Is Running?

Most of the computers and laptops are running on Windows. If you can see a Start menu, taskbar and some icons on the right side, or pressing the CTRL+E opens the Windows Explorer (My Computer/My PC), you have a Windows operating system. There are many windows versions, with different interfaces and characteristics. Below are three methods to find out which windows version is installed on your computer.

  • After finishing and restarting, your update problems should be solved.
  • Microsoft has already started rolling out an optional update of KB to Windows 10 (released on Sept. 1) that allows the upcoming Windows 11 release to be blocked.
  • What it means is to adopt the latest new features and specifications that are introduced to this creative world.
  • We need to enter the hardware IDs we have previously seen in step 4.

Click on the View update history link as shown above. Now compare that number to the chart above to see if you have the latest feature update. Once the desktop app loads, you’ll see information listed in the right panel. The number you want is next to Version towards the top under OS Name as shown above. Sorry, I meant I updated to 21h2, at which point I wanted to shut off updates.


At this point 21H1 has been tested download api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-l2-1-0_dll at well enough that I recommend updating to that version at this time. Data loss is a very difficult problem to deal with. Often, there are no chances of recovery even though files were very important.

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Driver Easy can scan your computer in several seconds and detect all problem drivers, then provide you with new drivers. But with Professional version, you will get higher download speed and enjoy full features, including the “Update All” feature, which allows you to update all drivers with just one-click. More importantly, you will enjoy free expert tech support.

How To Block The Windows 11 Upgrade On Windows 10 Pcs

To activate this feature, just press the ⊞Windows key + M on your keyboard. Another great new feature is the ability to see what windows are open and which windows you have minimized just by looking at your desktops. This speeds up workflow if you’re using a Windows-based laptop because now you don’t need to cycle through open windows just to get back to the one you’re using.

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